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We are proud to take another stride towards the gamification of Stake DAO with Season 1 of our #JoinTheHerd Referral Competition. You can now earn a premium with cash rewards each month in parallel with the NFT Bonus Rewards System to access boosted APY on Stake DAO.

This month, the Top 100 from the leaderboard on 01st October 2021, will grab their share of 2,200 LP tokens from the Passive Aave USD Strategy (Polygon) as well as exclusive Stake DAO NFT! …

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Stake DAO V2, a seamless gateway built to unlock the potential of decentralized finance for anyone and everyone. With the success of V1, we wanted to build something bigger and better, something that brings the best of the entire DeFi ecosystem, across multiple chains, into a single intuitive platform.

At Stake DAO, we are united by a shared mission to build open products which make the most sophisticated DeFi strategies easily accessible to anyone. …

Welcome to Stake DAO — a new multi-service DeFi platform built by the community.

The entire DeFi ecosystem has been leveraged to give you access to the most effective and the most unique investment strategies.

All the incredible products by our friends at Yearn, Curve, Pickle, Badger and more are now available in one decentralised location, which users can access with just an email address or web3 wallet.

Stake DAO removes the need to stake your assets across multiple platforms. We provide a simple solution for staking a variety of tokens all from one dashboard. …

To double down on the success of our ETH Covered Call Strategy (~25–30% APY), we’ve launched a BTC Covered Call Strategy for all our Bitcoin holders out there!

Herd, covered calls might just be the sexiest strategy you’ve never heard of. Whether you’re a long, mid, or short-term holder of Bitcoin, you can use covered calls to generate yield in neutral to bullish markets, and offer downside protection when the market doesn’t go your way!

How does the strategy work?

Firstly, the strategy generates yield on wBTC deposits by automatically selling out-of-the-money call options to market makers each week, and covers its position by locking…

Herd, it’s time to give a warm welcome to another member of our rapidly growing family! We’re teaming up with Harmony Protocol to double down on our mission of delivering better cross-chain DeFi products to anyone and everyone.

Harmony is an EVM-compatible smart contract platform that has made interoperability its business, with two-way bridges to a number of major blockchains. To kick off this partnership, we will shortly be launching staking for ONE via the Stake DAO Staking portal, and following up with a host of exciting new products built on Harmony’s cross-chain infrastructure.

Stay tuned on this one —…

Stake DAO has launched its first Active ETH Options Strategy, a vault giving anyone a hands-off way to earn reliably competitive yields on their ETH!

In traditional finance, options are used to generate reliable returns across all types of market profiles, and yet they remain heavily under-utilized in Decentralized Finance. Using Opyn’s options protocol, we have created an automated strategy that abstracts away the complexity of options, and offers users an easy way to enjoy sustainably competitive yields on their ETH.

How does the strategy work?

Firstly, the strategy generates yield on ETH deposits by automatically selling out-of-the-money call options to market makers each week…

The first lending market is now live for Stake DAO assets on the Rari Capital Fuse Stake DAO Pool!

Users can now borrow stablecoins and more against strategy deposits and staked assets, adding a new layer of composability to both SDT and the broader Stake DAO ecosystem.

Usage cases

For example, the new Fuse pool enables a user to deposit staked SDT (xSDT) to use as collateral to borrow FRAX and deposit it into Passive FRAX strategy to enjoy additional yield on top of their yield, they could then utilise their proof of deposit token from the FRAX strategy as collateral to…

Users can now earn staking rewards and help secure the network by delegating their AVAX tokens on Avalanche.

Stake DAO, a multi-service cross chain DeFi platform that enables users to easily grow their crypto portfolio within one intuitive dashboard, is now live on Avalanche.

This expansion allows users to delegate (and stake) their AVAX on Stake DAO and immediately begin earning staking rewards. In the near future, Stake DAO will add a number of initiatives including Liquid Staking, which gives AVAX holders the ability to trade liquid, multi-purpose derivatives while earning staking rewards. …

Welcome to the inaugural Stake DAO Newsletter!

Having launched in January and built out the foundation of our one-stop shop for DeFi, one of our immediate goals is to give our loyal community (a.k.a. “The Herd”) clear and regular insight into everything that’s going on under the hood at Stake DAO. This will include product updates, governance proposals, and more.


  • Upgraded strategy stack to utilize Convex boost for higher APYs
  • TVL reached $150m
  • Launched Passive ETH Strategy
  • Adjusted SDT incentives
  • Partnership w/ Frax Finance and launched Passive FRAX Strategy
  • Sponsored hackathon
  • Launched Passive BTC on Polygon

Supercharged strategy stack

Our Ethereum-based strategies (USD, EUR, BTC) received a major overhaul when…

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