Acquiring xSDT at a discount with Stake DAO Bonds!

Why bonds?

  • Own our liquidity
  • Incentivize users to hold for the long-run
  • Improve price stability in SDT
  • Unlock new revenue streams

How do they work?

How to purchase bonds

  1. The first step is to acquire LP tokens by adding liquidity to the SDT-ETH pool on Sushi. You will need SDT and ETH to complete this step.
  2. Next, head to the SDT-ETH SLP Bond on Olympus Pro and connect your wallet.
  3. Enter the amount of LP tokens you’d like to supply. The interface will display the amount of xSDT you will receive as payout over the bond’s seven-day vesting term.
  4. If this is your first time purchasing bonds, you will need to approve the bond contract, enabling it to spend your LP tokens. After this has been done, you can sign the transaction to purchase the bond.
  5. Once your bonds are vesting, to claim rewards, head to the Olympus Pro dashboard and click “Claim.” For bonds that have fully vested, click “Claim All.”

Is there an ideal time to buy bonds?



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