ANGLE Strategies are live on Liquid Lockers!

For maximized yield on the ANGLE governance token

Stake DAO
3 min readMay 2, 2022

Today, Stake DAO launches a first-of-its-kind strategy giving anyone a way to earn the highest possible yield on ANGLE in a couple of clicks. By depositing in the ANGLE Strategies, users can cut gas costs and maximize the earning power of their ANGLE holdings, enjoying total flexibility over reward-claiming.

What is Angle?

Angle is the first decentralized, capital efficient and over-collateralized stablecoin protocol, having launched the market’s first liquid decentralized Euro stablecoin.

As a permissionless protocol, Angle can be used to issue any type of stablecoin.

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How do the strategies work?

By supplying the ANGLE Liquidity Provider token (SanToken) to ANGLE Liquid Locker Strategies, users can leverage the maximum boost on yields (2.5x) thanks to the veANGLE tokens accumulated in ANGLE Liquid Lockers.

There is no auto-compound feature on LL Strategies — users are free to decide what they do with the rewards generated from each strategy (see HOW TO USE ANGLE STRATEGIES section).

How to use ANGLE Strategies

To deposit

First, navigate to the Angle app->Yield.


Deposit in your pool of choice and receive its corresponding LP token (SanToken).

Head to Stake DAO Liquid Lockers->Stake, and scroll down to Strategies.


Click on the strategy of your choice, 1/ add the amount you want to deposit, 2/approve the transaction and 3/deposit.

To withdraw your rewards you have 3 options:

1/ Click ‘Rewards’ on the strategy tile. Click the claim button.

2/ Go on the harvest tab of the strategy and harvest the total pending rewards. In doing so, you get your rewards and 0.5% of the total harvested reward.

3/ (Soon) Head to the Claim function of the LL platform, tick the ‘claim all’ rewards (claim all your rewards on the platform) or just select your strategies rewards, you can then choose if you want to stake them in the same transaction!

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