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AVAX Rush incentives live on Stake DAO!

AVAX incentives are live on Passive Aave USD on Avalanche, kicking off the first wave of Avalanche Rush

In October, we announced our excitement at being included in Rush, a flagship incentive program launched by Avalanche to scale DeFi and create a more accessible, decentralized, and cost-effective ecosystem through the allocation of AVAX to a select number of established and emerging DeFi protocols.

Avalanche has allocated over $3 million in AVAX incentives to distribute across Avalanche strategies on Stake DAO, debuting with Passive Aave USD.

How can I start earning AVAX incentives?

Anyone can start earning their share of wrapped AVAX (WAVAX) by staking in Passive Aave USD on Avalanche, and depositing their sdav3CRV tokens into the Bonus Rewards tab (these are the tokens you receive automatically when you deposit in the strategy).

Please note you will need to have stablecoins in Curve’s Aave pool on Avalanche to deposit into this strategy. You can move funds from Ethereum to Avalanche using the official Avalanche bridge, and then deposit into the Curve pool here — just “Deposit” not “Deposit & Stake in gauge.”

There is no LP Farming for Passive Aave USD on Avalanche — the listed Strategy APY is the highest available on Stake DAO. To see what percentage breakdown you are receiving in base vs. bonus rewards, click the “i” button by the APY.

As always, enjoy!

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