Concentrator supercharge our CRV Liquid Locker with the veSDT boosted asdCRV vault!

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2 min readFeb 8, 2023


Aladdin has built an auto-compounding vault on top of Stake DAO CRV Liquid Locker and added a veSDT boost delegation feature to increase rewards.

Let’s dive in …

More yield less efforts on your sdCRV.

Stake DAO Liquid Lockers allow users to get veTokens boosted yield and voting power without any lock-up.

The compounder by Concentrator auto-compounds token rewards to maximize revenue and minimize the effort.

By depositing sdCRV in the compounder a user will get asdCRV, an auto-compounding wrapper of sdCRV allowing users to get more yield with less effort.

1- All yield (CRV, 3CRV and SDT) are automatically compounded into sdCRV.

2- Transactions gas fee is spread between all holders, making it super cheap.

3- No action needed from the user after the deposit

There is more! asdCRV holders will also get an up to 2.5x boost thanks to veSDTs without having to lock any veSDT!

Here is how it works.

veSDT boost delegating

veSDT is Stake DAO’s governance token, among other things, it allows users to boost strategy yields. As it depends on the share of veSDT owned and the share of total deposit in the strategy, sometimes users can’t get the ultimate boost.

Some users also want to get boosted strategies without having to lock SDT. To satisfy all users, Concentrator built a veSDT boost delegation strategy.

The veSDT boost delegator allows veSDT holder to get rewards against the delegation of their veSDT boost and asdCRV holder to …

1. Maximise their deposits into only sdCRV rather than needing any veSDT, leading to higher yield

2. Get boosted gross yields (up to 2.5x) without locking any SDT.


By adding compounding and boost delegating layer Concentrator supercharges Stake DAO CRV Liquid Locker profitability and usability!

What is Concentrator

Concentrator is a yield enhancer that boosts yields by concentrating all rewards into auto-compounding top-tier tokens like aCRV, asdCRV and more.

What is Stake DAO

Stake DAO is a non-custodial platform where you can do more with your money.

Easily grow, track, and control your assets right from your wallet

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