Herd, leave your mark on Avalanche Summit!

Stake DAO
3 min readMar 16, 2022


What is #HerdInked?

#HerdInked is the Herd’s way to leave its mark on the first Avalanche Summit, inking itself in the memories of participants, and allowing people who can’t join to be there in spirit through their tattoo creations!

The Herd will have a tattoo booth at Avalanche Summit where participants will be able to get temporary tattoos designed either by the amazing artists of Ethernaal, or by the community.

The contest will be split into two parts, and for each valid entry, contestants will be in for a chance to win the grand prize: 1 Common Pythia NFT.

PART 1: Community tattoo

Starting on 16/03, ending on 20/03.

How to enter?

In order participate, you must follow @StakeDAOHQ & @BlackpoolHQ on Twitter, retweet the post with the hashtag #HerdInked, and share your creation in the comments of the tweet.

At the end of the tattoo contest period, the Stake DAO, Blackpool and Ethernaal teams will select the winning tattoos to be added to our Avalanche Summit tattoo selection.

If your tattoo has been selected, you get one chance to win the final prize (a common Pythia NFT).

On top of that, there will be a Jury Special Prize rewarding the 3 best tattoos of the contest — the winners will receive $100 in our Passive USD Strategy on Avalanche, as well as 2 chances to win the final prize.

The tattoo brief

In order to maximize your chances of being selected, make sure your tattoo creation is:

  • In some way linked to Blackpool, StakeDAO, Ethernaal, or DeFi
  • In order to respect technical constraints and allow the artists to tattoo more people at the event, try to share designs that are not too big nor too complicated. Try to have clear lines, avoid too subtle shading or patterns.



The winners of PART 1 will be notified in a Twitter post before 22/03. The winner of the final prize will be announced after the end of PART 2 of the contest.

PART 2: Get your temporary tattoo and share it on Twitter

From 22/03 to 27/03

How to enter?

To participate, get a temporary tattoo at our booth, tweet a picture of yourself with the tattoo and the hashtag #HerdInked, tag @StakeDAOHQ, @BlackpoolHQ and a project you’ve particularly liked at the Summit!

Each valid entry will have a chance to win the final prize. No need to post multiple times, only one entry by account will be counted.

On top of that, we will give swag to a few lucky contenders every day! Make sure you don’t miss our posts on Twitter.

The contest will end on 27/03 at 11:00 pm UTC.

Additional Rules

For both phases of the contest, we may disqualify contenders if their posts and related tag include inappropriate, offensive, or other derogatory language or information.

Participants of the two phases of the contest will have chances to win the Final Prize. They will be chosen at the end of the event from eligible participants at random.

How will the winner be notified?

The Prize Winner will be notified after the event via Twitter and DM’d through private messaging in order to get the necessary information to receive the prize. You will need to have DM enabled on your Twitter account.