How to migrate from Perpetual Passive Strategy to CRV Liquid Locker

If you have been staking in the Perpetual Passive Strategy pool on Balancer, you’ll need to follow these instructions to enter the new CRV Liquid Locker. You will receive 1 sdCRV for every 1 sdveCRV you deposit.

1. Unstake from LP Farming

First, you’ll need to unstake from the Balancer sdveCRV-CRV LP pool on the Stake DAO LP Farming tab. If you’re not staking your Balancer pool tokens in LP Farming, you can skip this step.

2. Withdraw from the Balancer pool

Next, you’ll need to unstake from the sdveCRV-DAO pool on Balancer. Select sdveCRV-DAO from the drop-down menu, preview, then approve the transaction.

3. Mint & stake on Liquid Lockers

Head to and click on the CRV locker. Select Mint, “USE SDVECRV,” and approve stake. Approve and execute the transactions.

That’s it! You’re now earning maximum boosted yield on CRV, Curve voting power, plus (coming soon) SDT incentives, boosted voting with veSDT, and bribes!

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