Introducing the Boosted Vote Strategy, the best way to get boosted voting power on your CRV!

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3 min readNov 10, 2023


Introducing the Boosted Vote Strategy, the best way to get boosted voting power on your CRV!

As Stake DAO is getting closer and closer to celebrating the 2 years anniversary of the Liquid Lockers, we are happy to announce the upcoming release of our latest feature in the governance space, the “Boosted Vote Strategy”, a strategy allowing for maximum voting power when it comes to their CRV.

Beyond the yield

When it comes to veTokens, not everyone has the same objective. For a lot of users, the main focus is on the yield while keeping the ability to remain liquid. It was with this in mind that Stake DAO gave birth to the sdCRV and one of the reasons why it has been the fastest growing wrapper over the past year. Projects such as Concentrator pushed it even further and built on top of Stake DAO, by creating a compounder vault with its asdCRV, allowing for people with idle boost on their veSDT to monetise it.

However, not everyone is interested in maximizing this yield, and some players can be more focused on maximizing their footprint into governance. Introducing vsdCRV.

vsdCRV will work as such:

  1. Users deposit CRV or sdCRV in the Boosted Vote Strategy contract and receive vsdCRV
  2. veSDT holders can delegate their boosting power to the Boosted Vote Strategy contract, in exchange for receiving all the native yields (CRV platform fees, 3CRV trading fees, and SDT incentives) normally claimable by sdCRV holders
  3. vsdCRV can vote on the sdCRV and sdCRV-gov snapshot spaces however they like, with their boosted voting power. They are also eligible to vote incentives like any voter who voted for a gauge with vote incentives.

With the Boosted Vote Strategy, Stake DAO is now offering the ability to provide boosted voting power on their CRV without them having to individually hold veSDT.

Another way for veSDT holder to earn yield on their boost!

Similar to Concentrator or Warden, the vsdCRV vault also uses a boost delegation mechanism. Boost delegation offers a way for veSDT holders to earn yields using only their boost (while keeping the ownership of their SDT), while simultaneously increasing yields for everyone in the vsdCRV vault.

sdCRV, the perfect customisable token to fit your needs!

With this new feature, sdCRV is once again showing how it can offer the perfect toolbox for people to adjust it to their exact need, just pick your flavor!

Boosted yield: asdCRV
Boosted vote: vsdCRV
Custom: sdCRV + veSDT

And we are looking forward to seeing how other projects and ourselves will keep on bringing new ideas to the table and find some more use cases to the sdCRV!

We will also be looking at expanding this feature to all of our Liquid Locker over time!

Stake DAO, another way of govearning.