Introducing the sdCAKE referral program!

Stake DAO
3 min readMar 11, 2024


Attention Chefs!

Back in November, we launched $sdCAKE, following Pancakeswap’s transition to veTokenomics: with $veCAKE.

In case you missed it, here’s an explanatory article.

$sdCAKE was thus part of our ongoing product range: Liquid Lockers, which are liquid derivatives of lockable governance tokens based on the veModel, introduced by Curve Finance.

We subsequently introduced an airdrop campaign to kickstart the arrival of the $sdCAKE, entitled “Top Cake”, and reward those using this Liquid Locker on BNB Chain!

Some key metrics about $sdCAKE:

  • 1.36M+ $CAKE deposited in the Locker, worth over $4.5M
  • 1.35M veCAKE voting power owned by the Locker (7%+ of total supply)
  • 98% peg between sdCAKE/CAKE
  • Almost $30k accumulated as airdrop rewards.
  • Nearly 28M Cherries generated

Now, we’re bringing a brand-new functionality into the mix to make this airdrop campaign even more exciting: a dedicated referral program!

Through this program, users will be able to generate their own referral link, allowing them to earn 10% of the Cherries generated by their affiliated participants, quite simply.

Here’s a tutorial on how this system works:

  1. Go to the Stake DAO website (

2. Connect your Web3 Wallet

3. Go to the Liquid Locker section (

4. Go to the sdCAKE Locker (

5. Go to the Referral Program section (

6. Your Referral link will be automatically generated, and is unique per address

7. Copy/share your referral link on Twitter/X

8. Enjoy more cherries!

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