Lending market live on Stake DAO Fuse Pool

The first lending market is now live for Stake DAO assets on the Rari Capital Fuse Stake DAO Pool!

Users can now borrow stablecoins and more against strategy deposits and staked assets, adding a new layer of composability to both SDT and the broader Stake DAO ecosystem.

Usage cases

For example, the new Fuse pool enables a user to deposit staked SDT (xSDT) to use as collateral to borrow FRAX and deposit it into Passive FRAX strategy to enjoy additional yield on top of their yield, they could then utilise their proof of deposit token from the FRAX strategy as collateral to borrow FEI… (see where we’re going with this).

Assets loaned as collateral can be liquidated in the event of a market downturn, so it’s crucial that lending/borrowing positions are actively monitored.

Users can now lend SDT, xSDT, sd3crv, sdeursCRV, FEI and FRAX on the Stake DAO Fuse Pool to receive yield, and borrow FRAX, FEI, sdeursCRV, and sd3CRV against their lending collateral (supply balance) paying interest on their borrow position.

$1M worth of assets have been deployed to seed the pool, as we expedite growth with the aim of providing a highly liquid lending market for all Stake DAO assets.

Find us

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