Stake DAO adds new high-yield USD offering with the launch of the Passive Angle USD Strategy

Debuting an ultra-high yield USD strategy on Angle Protocol

Today, Stake DAO broadens its range of innovative USD strategies with the launch of the Passive Angle USD Strategy, a high-yield strategy built on Angle’s decentralized stablecoin protocol! Angle is a marketplace for users seeking both volatility and stability, with a number of different products available accordingly.

How does the strategy work?

By supplying stablecoins to the Passive Angle USD Strategy, users can enjoy some of the highest yields on USD in the entire market.

To participate, users deposit USDC in the Passive Angle USD Strategy, which the strategy then deposits in the sanUSDC_EUR pool on Angle Protocol. The LP tokens obtained from this process are then staked in the ANGLE yield pool.

SanTokens, including sanUSDC_EUR, are yield-bearing tokens that automatically accumulate interest from transaction fees paid on the Angle Protocol platform.

Performance fee: 15%

Withdrawal fee: 0%

What are the risks of using the strategy?

Like all Stake DAO products, the Passive Angle USD Strategy has been thoroughly tested, however, it carries risks.

The main risk of the Passive Angle USD Strategyis that the underlying Angle Protocol becomes under-collateralized, and there is a loss of convertibility between collateral and stablecoins. While Angle has incorporated risk management into their design with a number of emergency modules, please bear in mind the strategy may incur losses.

Finally, Stake DAO strategies, including Passive Angle USD Strategy, carry smart contract risks.

Remember the number-one rule in DeFi: Do not invest what you can’t afford to lose.

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