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Stake DAO doubles down on Avalanche with the launch of Passive Aave USD Strategy

Debuting a lightning-fast, low-cost USD strategy on Avalanche!

Back when we outlined the vision of Stake DAO, Stake DAO made it clear we’d be getting in the trenches with the top teams in the space, working alongside one another to push the boundaries of DeFi and build better products for our users.

Today, we continue rolling out our vision of a seamless multichain future with the launch of Passive Aave USD on Avalanche, a high-yield strategy built on our battle-tested architecture, and Avalanche’s scalable blockchain infrastructure! All the stops have been pulled out on this one, delivering an ultra-low-cost and fast vault for generating some of the market’s highest yields on stablecoins.

How does the strategy work?

This strategy invests automatically interest-bearing USD (aDAI, aUSDC, aUSDT) into the Curve Liquidity Pools (Aave), and earns trading fees based on the pool trading volume, additional CRV token rewards from Curve, and AVAX rewards from Avalanche. The strategy rewards are compounded periodically to maximise returns.

  • Performance fee: 15%
  • Withdrawal fee: 0.5%

Please note you will need to have stablecoins on the Avalanche blockchain to deposit into this strategy — you can move funds from Ethereum to Avalanche using the official Avalanche bridge.

What are the risks of using the strategy?

Like all Stake DAO products, the Passive Aave USD on Avalanche has been thoroughly tested, however, risks must be noted:

  • Smart contracts
  • Permanent loss of peg
  • Staking risk

The number-one rule is: please don’t deposit assets you can’t afford to lose to Stake DAO.

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