Stake DAO wanted to reward active participants of the DeFi community and invite them to use our platform, so we decided to airdrop 1.5% of the total supply to the users and subscribers of various DeFi protocols.

We are also supporters of the Gitcoin grants and a substantial part of the airdrop is reserved for those who’ve generously contributed to the last Gitcoin grant - round 8. We appreciate that airdrops are an imperfect tool, but we hope that the community will understand our intentions.

Who is eligible for the airdrop?

Details can be found in the medium post here.

Where can I check if I am eligible for the airdrop?

Users can search the list of eligible addresses here.

When were the snapshots taken for the following projects?

Gitcoin contributors: only contributors to round 8 were counted. (39% airdrop)

$JULIEN holders: 18 January 2021 (5% airdrop)

Rekt subscribers: 23 December 2020 (5% airdrop)

LIDO Contract depositors: 13 January 2021 (5% airdrop)

Arbitrage DAO users: 18 January 2021 (1% airdrop)

Governance participators (voters from various protocols listed here): 17 December 2020 (45% airdrop)

Governance in this case means voting within the protocol. It does not include holding an asset, interacting with a protocol in other ways, or providing liquidity.

Are Uniswap SDT LPs incentivised?

Users who provide liquidity to the SDT / ETH pool on Uniswap will be able to stake their LP tokens in the Stake DAO dashboard and receive SDT rewards.

Are SushiSwap SDT LPs incentivised?

Users who provide liquidity to the SDT / SUSHI pool (coming soon) on SushiSwap will be able to stake their LP tokens in the Stake DAO dashboard and receive SDT rewards.

When can I stake my SDT to receive rewards?

This functionality is coming very soon. The percentage of rewards given will be voted on by SDT holders.

I should be eligible for the airdrop but my address is not on the list, what happened?

If you donated to Gitcoin grant round 8 using ZKproof, then your address will not be on the list, however, a separate distribution will be arranged for those who used ZKproof.

I was expecting to receive SDT due to my participation / subscription elsewhere, what happened?

We are aware that there are some users that did not receive the airdrop they were expecting.

We have the data we need to fix this issue and we are working with our partners to reward these community members that were affected.

We will announce further details as soon as we have them. Thank you for your patience.

When will strategies go live?

Advanced strategies will go live very soon.

What about the token distribution?

100M tokens total supply.

40% to ~60 contributors, vesting over 2 years.

60% to the Stake DAO Community, of which 1.5% has been airdropped.

The community tokens are set to be distributed at a base rate of 5 SDT per block, and will initially be doubled to 10 SDT per block. The target emission for the community supply is to distribute 20–25% in the first year, and the emission rate will be controlled by the DAO.

What are the tokenomics / is there a whitepaper?

We will update this document with full tokenomics shortly.

What’s the TVL?

We will show more data about Stake DAO on the dashboard once we have executed the timelock transactions.

What is the SDT token address?


What is the SDT Contract address?


Add liquidity (SDT/ETH Uniswap)

Where can I learn more about the team?

There is no set team behind Stake DAO.

Stake DAO is the combined result of years of work by many contributors from across the industry.

You can see more details about the contributors here.





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