Stake DAO integrates Solace Portfolio Insurance SDK

Stake DAO
3 min readAug 19, 2022


Solace and Stake DAO have joined forces to help users grow and protect their assets.

Through an integration with Solace’s SDK, Stake DAO users now have the ability to secure coverage for their Stake DAO assets right at the point of deposit.

How does it work

Solace Portfolio Insurance (SPI) covers all the DeFi positions inside the wallet against technical risks (Learn more here). SPI uses Zapper API for risk scoring and to track users’ positions, including the Stake DAO vaults across Ethereum and Polygon. Even as a user changes their portfolio positions, Solace monitors changes and adjusts the risk rate dynamically for coverage accordingly. This prevents investors from having to constantly manage their policy and overpaying for it. In case of an exploit, a user doesn’t need to file a claim — Solace provides proactive payouts within 7 days.

To buy a policy through Stake DAO Liquid Lockers, the user needs to click on More, then to Insurance.

The Purchase Policy button can be found in the top right of the window.

The app will request approval from the user to spend USDC.

After the user has approved the transaction, they can set a cover limit.

Once purchased, the Solace insurance covers all assets within the wallet.

The SPI interface displays all assets within the portfolio, along with a risk level, policy rate, and recommended cover limit.

About Stake DAO

Stake DAO is a non-custodial platform that enables anyone to easily grow their crypto portfolio. It is built on top of decentralized blockchain protocols, offering a seamless way for people to grow, track, and control assets right from their wallet. The core product of Stake DAO is the Liquid Lockers, which allow users to unlock all the benefits of their veTokens, without having to make any sacrifices. The Liquid Lockers fit with the main goal of Stake DAO, which is to provide a fair gateway to DeFi for all users.

About Solace

Solace is an insurance protocol that offers simple, scalable and transparent protection tools to explore crypto without compromising safety. Solace Portfolio Insurance is the first personalized DeFi coverage product that allows an investor to insure positions for over 220 DeFi protocols with one policy. By introducing capital efficient and effortless risk management tools, Solace aims to open the new financial system to millions of people and companies.