Stake DAO #JoinTheHerd Season 2 Referral Competition is live!

Get ready for battle — #JoinTheHerd season 2 is now live! With brand new rules, a new point calculation system, a shorter duration, new UI, and new prizes, we have thousands in rewards + NFTs up for grabs in our new referral system! One thing hasn’t changed since the first season:

Play by the rules, or get rekt.

Game on!

Starts: Monday 26/10 — End : Monday 09/11

How do I get started and participate?

Step 1.

Click on the following link:

Log in to Stake DAO using your email, Ledger, Metamask, or WalletConnect.

Step 2.

Make sure you are logged into your Twitter account on your device.

Ensure your tweets are not protected (click on the “more” button on the bottom left-hand corner of your account → click on “privacy and safety” tab → click on “audience and tagging” tab → un-click “protect your tweets)

Click on “Send Tweet’’

A Twitter page will open and create a tweet for you. We kindly ask that you don’t modify the text here, as any other format will fail to be verified.

Tweet. This will be the tweet to verify you, not your referral code — this will come later!

Step 3.

Once you’ve tweeted, click on the tweet to open its webpage and copy the link into the search bar of your browser.

What you have copied will look something like this:[your Twitter handle]/status/[1234567891011]

Paste the URL into the box below “Tweet URL’’ and press submit.

After a few seconds, your profile and referral link will appear!

You can now share your referral code with your friends by clicking on the button to the right of your unique webpage. It will look like this:[your Twitter handle]

New Point calculation :

For this season, we wanted to reward the most-active members of the Herd. How? By adding xSDT and NFTs into the calculation!

xSDTWeight*(Referral Points + Traffic Points + NFTScore)

  • xSDT Weight: Depending on the number of xSDT you have, both on Ethereum (Palace & Sanctuary) and Polygon, you’ll get a boost in your point calculation:
  • Traffic points: every time you recruit new users via a click from your link, you get 1 point!
  • Referral points: every time users click on your link AND create a referral code for themselves by following the steps above, you get 10 points!
  • NFT Score: the NFT Score is the sum NFT points of all the NFTs you have.

NFTpoints = nft.primarySkillValue *nft.secondarySkillValue*nft.population*rarityPoints

  • You can see your NFT skill values below:
  • The NFT population value is the number of the same NFTs. e.g. If you have a rare Tempest, the population is 10.
  • The rarity points are as follows :
  • Unique: 70
  • Rare: 3.5
  • Common: 0.15

The good news is that you don’t have to do the math, all you need to do is input the data in the simulator on the Referral page!

Referral simulator :

Use the simulator to estimate the prize you’ll get, depending on the number of Referral and Traffic points you estimate you can accumulate.

Just input the number of users you plan on referring/have referred, and the simulator will do all the calculation for you!

New Prizes

The rewards are as follow:

  • 1st place: $800
  • 2nd place: $600
  • 3rd place: $480
  • 4th place: $400
  • 5th place: $320
  • 6th place: $280
  • 7th place: $240
  • 8th place: $200
  • 9th place: $160
  • 10th place: $120
  • 11th to 20th : $80 each

These rewards will be distributed in sdam3crv tokens on Polygon — winners will have to claim their rewards from the Referral page.

When does the Stake DAO Herd Referral Competition run until?

This season starts on Monday 26/10/2021 and ends on Monday 09/11/2021. We’ll announce both the start and the end of the season on our Twitter account.


Find us

Twitter: 🕊️

Discord: 👾

Website: 🌐



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