Stake DAO V2

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Stake DAO V2, a seamless gateway built to unlock the potential of decentralized finance for anyone and everyone. With the success of V1, we wanted to build something bigger and better, something that brings the best of the entire DeFi ecosystem, across multiple chains, into a single intuitive platform.

At Stake DAO, we are united by a shared mission to build open products which make the most sophisticated DeFi strategies easily accessible to anyone. A key part of making this happen is not just to build new strategies for users to earn more, but also making the entire experience of DeFi as user-friendly as possible.

V2 lays the foundations for this vision, bringing together gamification with in-platform NFTs, an array of staking protocols, a sleek decentralized exchange, more strategies and ways to log in, one-click staking, cross-chain functionalities, and more, all designed with the goal of making it effortlessly easy for anyone to supercharge their crypto returns. We have spent months rebuilding the platform from the ground-up, with an all-new SDK, API, and carefully redesigned User Interface, making Stake DAO more composable and fluid than ever.

Build magical DeFi Lego blocks with a composable new SDK

Our powerful new SDK is the backbone of V2, enabling Stake DAO to iterate and ship faster than ever. With V2, Stake DAO becomes an open building block of the DeFi ecosystem, opening the door for efficient and open-source collaboration with anyone, and opening the doors to seamless cross-chain integration.

Stake tokens with one click, earn with automated harvesting

V2 makes staking Proof-of-Stake tokens a breeze with automated reward payouts for Tezos, and many more PoS protocols on the way. Stake DAO wants to give everybody a better way to stake, so we are rapidly expanding the number of staking protocols supported, with Elrond, Solana, Polygon, Livepeer, Cosmos, and NuCypher coming next.

One dashboard to rule them all

We have given the User Interface a complete overhaul for a faster, slicker user experience that makes it easier than ever for anyone to grow and manage their crypto in one place. With V2, users can track performance, manage their assets and access multiple chains all from one simple interface.

All-new trading interface & engine

Whether you’re looking to swap tokens in a click or time your trades with precision, V2 gives every type of trader complete control.

V2 brings a sleek trading interface and engine for optimized order-routing and execution, allowing users to seamlessly switch between Convert/Classic interfaces for even more flexibility.

Cross-chain support and L2 on the way

There’s a long way to go for us to unlock the potential of every DeFi protocol, and adding cross-chain infrastructure on top of our Ethereum-based stack is key to making this happen.

Our current mission is to democratise access to Stake DAO products for everyone by enabling lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals, as well as near-zero gas fees via Polygon. In the coming weeks we will also provide access to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Solana to give users a seamless way to move between chains and leverage cross-chain strategies.

New strategies

V2 is built to be a breeding ground for creative new ways to earn, with four strategies going live at launch: Dev strategy on Ethereum, as well as three new strategies on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The Dev strategy

The Dev strategy will allow users to deposit DEV tokens in the Bunchy protocol (an NFT lending protocol built on Aave, NFTX), and the strategy will automatically compound their positions.

In our commitment to democratise access to every DeFi protocol, we are introducing three new ways to supercharge your returns on BSC. These three passive strategies enable anyone to invest in Ellipsis liquidity pools (3pool, fUSD or BTC) directly from the Stake DAO dashboard, earning trading fees and additional LP token rewards from Ellipsis, which are then periodically compounded to maximise returns with minimal gas fees.

Passive USD Strategy BSC 3Pool

This strategy automatically invests USD stablecoins (BUSD, USDC, USDT) into the Ellipsis liquidity pool (3pool) . The strategy earns trading fees based on the pool’s trading volume, as well as additional EPS token rewards from Ellipsis. The strategy rewards are periodically compounded to maximise returns.

Performance fee: 15%, Withdrawal fee: 0.5%

Passive USD Strategy BSC fUSD

This strategy automatically invests USD stablecoins (fUSD, BUSD, USDC, USDT) into the Ellipsis liquidity pool (fUSD) . The strategy earns trading fees based on the pool trading volume, and it earns additional EPS and ICE token rewards from Ellipsis. The strategy rewards are periodically compounded to maximise returns.

Performance fee: 15%, Withdrawal fee: 0.5%

Passive BTC Strategy BSC

This strategy automatically invests tokenized Bitcoin (renBTC, bBTC) into the Ellipsis Liquidity Pool (ren). The strategy earns trading fees based on the pool trading volume, and it earns additional EPS token rewards from Ellipsis. The strategy rewards are periodically compounded to maximise returns.

Performance fee: 15%, Withdrawal fee: 0.5%

Finally, thanks to our new SDK, you can expect additional strategies to follow shortly on various chains, such as the xAAVE strategy going live in a couple days on Ethereum.

The xAAVE strategy will start accepting AAVE tokens in a couple days. The strategy will deposit AAVE tokens into the AAVE Safety Module via xToken protocol, and automatically compounds AAVE rewards for users, providing a cheaper, more flexible and more convenient way to stake AAVE tokens.

Collect Stake DAO NFTs

As the final piece of the puzzle we introduce Stake DAO NFTs, a limited collection of uniquely crafted, tradable digital art pieces bringing gamification to our platform. Cards reward their holders, the entire Stake DAO community, and provide exclusive access to a number of to-be-announced features offered in combination with our ecosystem partners.

What do Stake DAO cards do?

At their core, the NFT cards bring gamified incentives to the Stake DAO platform and reward anyone that contributes liquidity to our ecosystem with a unique, valuable power.

Each card design has its own power, granting its holder exclusive access to a number of perks on the Stake DAO platform, for example from having exclusive or privileged access to new strategies, to reduced fees when removing assets from the platform.

There are many unique Stake DAO card designs, each with their own stylised character artwork. Each of these ornate, thoughtfully designed character cards is a mystic figure with its own backstory, traits, and style; a window into the Stake DAO universe.

In a market flooded with auto-generated, generic NFTs, each Stake DAO card is a hand-drawn, high-resolution, digital asset complete with economic perks.

At launch just two card designs are live, with many more to come next.

Card Scarcity

For each card design there are three levels of scarcity (common, rare and unique), with the scarcest variety having the highest level of perk/power-up available.

For each design, there will only ever be a maximum of 100 common cards, 10 rares and 1 unique.

Card Identities

In a similar vein to role-playing games, there are four classes of Stake DAO cards, each with their own power — we call these “identities.” These are: Explorer, Nomad, Diplomat, and Oracle.

Each of the four identities has an exclusive class of perk, giving its holder privileged access to benefits on the Stake DAO platform.

How do card perks work?

For platform features, users holding the NFTs will be eligible for perks. For strategy related perks, users will have to stake their NFTs to a smart contract, to be eligible to deposit and enter the strategies. More details will be shared in a separate announcement.

Can card perks be sold?

While the NFTs can be transferred or sold, the card perks are linked to the actual NFT and therefore cannot be transferred by themselves alone.

How can Stake DAO cards be claimed?

The card distribution has been structured with the sole goal of benefiting our community members and the DAO, so there will be two ways to acquire a Stake DAO NFT card.

Earn cards by staking xSDT in the Stake DAO Palace

Stake DAO V1 introduced the Sanctuary and the xSDT token, allowing DAO participants to deposit SDT and collect xSDT in return.

Stake DAO V2 introduces the Palace, allowing DAO participants to stake their xSDT tokens to earn points every minute. These points can be redeemed for Stake DAO NFT cards while stocks last.

The amount of points earned is directly related to the amount of xSDT staked and the time for which they have been staked. To ensure the most fair and democratic distribution (i.e. one that does not heavily favour users with disproportionately large xSDT holdings), we have created a system for allocating points fairly to all xSDT stakers irrespective of wallet size. The system is designed to reward those that stake xSDT for as long as possible and to regulate the flow of Stake DAO cards into the market.

DAO participants can start earning points by staking their xSDT right now.

Note: bonus points earned via staking cannot be used or redeemed for any other purpose, and they cannot be transferred between users.

Purchasing cards on OpenSea, starting Monday 19 April.

Users will also be able to purchase exclusive NFT cards using ETH on OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace. A limited number of cards will be sold over time — which will be announced on our various channels (Twitter, Telegram and Discord), with the first drop coming on Monday 19 April 2021 at 13:00 UTC.

The NFT cards will be offered by Stake DAO’s official OpenSea account with the username StakeDAOHQ, accessible here ( The associated Ethereum address is 0xb19d9d2949918867340605a971774fe8b7e52c2c.

ETH raised through OpenSea will be the property of the DAO, which means the DAO can eventually vote on how to best utilise these funds. By default, the ETH raised will be used to buy back SDT tokens and gift them to the Sanctuary, similar to how the Stake DAO distributes platform fees.

The herd lies scattered.

Oracles, Explorers, Nomads and Diplomats desperately seek to reunite across time and space. The boundaries between intergalactic realms make for an almost impossible mission, yet still the herd marches on, in an eternal quest to rebuild their fallen kingdom. Their citadel has crumbled, and only cryptic clues remain. They say an elephant never forgets, so how did these fine fellows drift so far apart?

What unearthly cataclysm could have torn such a rift between them and, more importantly, how will they bridge the gap to become whole once more?

Faint memories of a distant time, forever chiseled in tablets of stone, tell tales of great powers dormant in the dark recesses of their minds. Chronicles from forgotten lands could reveal their abilities to influence the present, change the future and alter entire dimensions. To regain their ethereal powers, the almighty herd must fight against the elements, conquering the cosmic beyond and all that it throws in their way.

The herd has not forgotten.

Let the games begin.



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