zkSync Gitcoin Grant Issue Resolved

Dear StakeDAO community,

The zkSync Gitcoin issue has been resolved. Our contributors took time to model, put forward and debate multiple scenarios before deciding on how to properly address this matter.

The intended purpose of the original SDT airdrop was to gift StakeDAO’s governance token to active participants in the De-Fi ecosystem. Our primary focus was to incentivise community participation from recent Gitcoin donors, with some SDT reserved for broader community participants. With multiple community-led governance discussions taking place on our Telegram, Discord and Governance forum, we feel that the intended purpose has exceeded our expectations and we are pleased with how rapidly a community (The Herd) has formed around StakeDAO.

When we first worked on the airdrop, we pulled data directly from Gitcoin for the list of addresses that they had on file. The airdrop recipients excluded addresses that were blacklisted or otherwise not passed on to us by Gitcoin. Unfortunately, this also excluded addresses that used zkSync to make their donation. In fact, there were 722 addresses that did not receive an airdrop because of this issue (listed here), which is why we decided to do a second airdrop to these addresses.

As with any decision impacting stakeholders, each step must be carefully considered and unfortunately, compromises must be made. While the value of the airdrop has gone up since its intended distribution, we could not penalise these users which had not received an airdrop through no fault of their own.

As such, we have taken the decision to airdrop 77 SDT (55,594 SDT in total) to eligible zkSync donors as a remedial action under the same terms as the first airdrop.

Accordingly, these 722 addresses will have the same parameters as the previous airdrop :

  • You will be able to claim your SDT from Tuesday, 16 February 2021 at 21:04:56 GMT.

When logging onto the StakeDAO platform, eligible users will see a button as shown below to claim their 77 SDT airdrop. Upon clicking ‘claim’ you will get a notification from your wallet to confirm the transaction.

We are excited to focus on building a stronger StakeDAO by providing new innovative features and services for the Herd. We appreciate that airdrops are an imperfect tool and there will always have to be some compromise, with that in mind please note that this fix officially concludes the StakeDAO airdrop phase. We will not conduct any further retrospective airdrops.

We want to thank you once more for your patience as we worked towards resolving this issue.

Yours sincerely,

StakeDAO HQ.




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