Stake DAO launches DeFi’s first-ever open arbitrage Strategy on Avalanche.

Democratising access to one of the market’s most sophisticated strategies, only with Stake DAO NFTs!

How can I deposit in the Strategy?

  1. Redeem Tamiel or Leviathan NFT in Marketplace
  2. Head to Premium Strategies tab
  3. Stake NFT (you will see your NFT ID on the tab) & deposit SDT
  4. Receive rewards on ETH network, Stake DAO is taking care of the bridging!

How do I receive my rewards from the strategy?

How can I withdraw from the strategy?


How is the price of Tamiel and Leviathan calculated?

  • The NFTs should not be all redeemable in the first block so that everyone gets a chance to redeem one;
  • Unique NFTs need to be more attractive than rare ones, themselves more attractive than common ones, so that it is always better to mint one Rare rather than several commons, or one Unique rather than several commons/rare;
  • The best strategy for all users is to try to mint the rarest NFT as possible, and given this, all users should ideally at first be able to mint a maximum of one NFT

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