We are thrilled to announce the launch of Stake DAO V2, a seamless gateway built to unlock the potential of decentralized finance for anyone and everyone. With the success of V1, we wanted to build something bigger and better, something that brings the best of the entire DeFi ecosystem, across multiple chains, into a single intuitive platform.

At Stake DAO, we are united by a shared mission to build open products which make the most sophisticated DeFi strategies easily accessible to anyone. …

Welcome to Stake DAO — a new multi-service DeFi platform built by the community.

The entire DeFi ecosystem has been leveraged to give you access to the most effective and the most unique investment strategies.

All the incredible products by our friends at Yearn, Curve, Pickle, Badger and more are now available in one decentralised location, which users can access with just an email address or web3 wallet.

Stake DAO removes the need to stake your assets across multiple platforms. We provide a simple solution for staking a variety of tokens all from one dashboard. …

Since launching in January this year, Stake DAO has maintained a bootstrapper’s approach of building first, focusing on shipping cutting-edge strategies that will bring as much value as possible to our early supporters, and ultimately laying the foundation for the project’s long-term success.

Our user base is slowly but steadily increasing in both size and diversity, maturing from its beginnings as a handful of hardcore DeFi enthusiasts, towards becoming a global community numbering thousands. At this juncture, it’s time to take a moment to briefly pause, and reflect on who we are, what we’re doing, and where we are going.

Unbundling DeFi’s most powerful tools and strategies

At Stake DAO, we are building products that democratise access to the cutting edge of decentralised finance, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of a better financial system.

To expedite our progress towards this goal, the Contributors have allocated 4,000,000 SDT from their vested allocation to bootstrap the launch of the Stake DAO Foundation. The Foundation will enhance research, development, and initiatives that drive the adoption of the Stake DAO platform.


100% of Foundation funding will come from Contributor donations, reallocated from vested team tokens.


SDT from the Foundation will be locked in a vault on a third-party lending protocol…

Start earning passive income on a dollar or less! We have integrated the Polygon Network into Stake DAO for near-instant transactions that cost a fraction of a cent, debuting with the Polygon-exclusive Passive aUSD strategy.

We are excited to announce that Cosmos (ATOM) staking is now live on Stake DAO.

Users can now earn staking rewards by delegating their ATOM to help secure the Cosmos network.

Stake DAO users can now purchase protection through our partners at Nexus Mutual.

Stake DAO collects a 15% performance fee on profit and a 0.5% withdrawal fee across all strategies. The fees are collected in the native currency of each strategy (i.e. USD, BTC and EUR) and will soon be distributed to Herd members that lock their SDT to participate in the governance.

In this brief article, we explain how users can deposit SDT to receive xSDT, and how DAO fees will be distributed to xSDT holders.

SDT staking and the xSDT token:

Stake DAO token holders can now deposit their SDT into The Sanctuary (contract on etherscan).

Do not send tokens directly there, use the UI on StakeDAO).

Stake DAO x Sushiswap

Over the past month, SDT tokens were distributed to community members providing liquidity for the Stake DAO token on Uniswap. This successfully bootstrapped SDT with $18M in liquidity on Uniswap, making Stake DAO the 32nd most liquid pair.

As per the recent proposal on the governance forum, it is important for Stake DAO to be accessible across the largest decentralised exchanges. Therefore, in order to increase awareness, we are extending the current liquidity incentive program to include Sushiswap.

Starting on 5March at 00:00 UTC, users will be able to deposit SDT/ETH Sushiswap LP tokens on Stake DAO to earn SDT…

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